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Frog lives in purified water


Purified Water In A Pool

Restaurant Pristan

The restaurant building is one of the largest public buildings made of laminated logs in Russia. Its floor area is 1550 m2, and it is located in the Yaroslavl area, 350km from Moscow.

The huge wooden building at the bank of Volga River has the outward appearance of a Russian manor. All the main rooms are located on the Volga side of the building. The large panoramic windows of the banquet hall on the ground floor offer stunning views of the surrounding area.

The layout of the restaurant is dictated by the functions required in each room. For example, the ground floor has a banquet hall that seats 110 people, a dance floor and a VIP area, while the first floor has small restaurant rooms, a smoking room and a film theatre. For those people who long for an intellectual pastime, the building has a library with Russian classics among its selection.

The building is like a riverboat with its panoramic windows, and the patio surrounding the ground floor has an air of the outer decks of a boat. Due to its large windows, the building turns into a shining beacon in the evenings. The interior has light colours on the ceilings and walls, which also have hand-painted decorations. The future is similar to that of the 18th and 19th centuries, the carpets and hand-woven tapestries are aged to suit the general style of the décor, and the whole affect is pleasantly completed with English paintings in golden frames. The decorative interiors take the visitor to a world of old Russian bourgeoisie.


Ground floor: Banquet hall seating 110 people,  dance floor, VIP area, patio

1st floor: Smoking room, film theatre and library

Floor area: 1550 m2

Log type: Square log 182 mm

Location: Demino center for sports and leisure

Yaroslavl area, Russia


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